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Thursday, 21 Nov 2019

Disabling Google Chrome In-built PDF Reader

Many of you must have seen the new PDF reader plug-in bundled with the new Google Chrome browser. Its a nice feature but misses out on a lot of things (at least currently!).

Even as I got psyched of the trouble it was giving me, I looked around on the net and realised there were so many others with the same problem but who had not found the solution (which I had happily enough!!!).

Well, the simplest solution is:

  1. Goto Menu>Options>Under The Hood>Content Settings>Plug-in.
  2. Now click on "Disable Individual Plug-ins"
  3. Search for Chrome PDF viewer and click on disable next to it.
  4. This will turn off the Google Chrome PDF Viewer plug-in. Now the browser will revert back to the other plug-in, whichever you had been using...Adobe, etc)

Note: If you want to continue with the Google Chrome PDF viewer and save files, click Menu>"Save Page As" (Ctrl + S).

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