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Tuesday, 28 Jan 2020

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Disabling Google Chrome In-built PDF Reader

Many of you must have seen the new PDF reader plug-in bundled with the new Google Chrome browser. Its a nice feature but misses out on a lot of things (at least currently!).

Even as I got psyched of the trouble it was giving me, I looked around on the net and realised there were so many others with the same problem but who had not found the solution (which I had happily enough!!!).

Well, the simplest solution is:

  1. Goto Menu>Options>Under The Hood>Content Settings>Plug-in.
  2. Now click on "Disable Individual Plug-ins"
  3. Search for Chrome PDF viewer and click on disable next to it.
  4. This will turn off the Google Chrome PDF Viewer plug-in. Now the browser will revert back to the other plug-in, whichever you had been using...Adobe, etc)

Note: If you want to continue with the Google Chrome PDF viewer and save files, click Menu>"Save Page As" (Ctrl + S).

Top 10 Certifications for IT Personnel

certifiedIT certifications have always been popular among IT pros to bag the right job or seek the right jump. With the economy back in green, IT jobs too are back. And with them the demand for IT certifications, which in recent times have become more vendor- and technology-specific.

So, what are the IT certifications that will keep IT pros in demand or are useful for job/career opportunities going forward.

Technology research firm Foote Partners recently shared IT certifications that could be considered "hot" in the coming months (these unranked certifications are a part of the company's upcoming quarterly index on hot skills and certifications).

Here's over to the top 10 hottest IT certifications from the list.