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Thursday, 21 Nov 2019

Running Multiple Joomla Sites Under One Main Site

To run multiple sites under a main page with links, follow this:

For example, suppose you wish to create a homepage with links to various technologies and let each technology have an individual site.

Suppose there are three technologies you wish to cover - Joomla, ASP, Flash.

Now create a folder for each of these in your root. Thus, you will have three folders called Joomla, ASP, flash.

Accordingly, create 3 databases (you can manage with a single database also, but I recommend using seperate databases for each one!)

In each of these folders, extract a Joomla! installer package and run your installer.

e.g. by opening or

where remains your root address.

Complete the installation for all three sites using the three databases you created earlier!

Now you can create a simple index.html where you can provide links to each website.

e.g. For joomla website, create a link to

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