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Thursday, 28 May 2020

Products & Services (Web Based)

Website Designing


Bharat Information Technology Services, Himachal Pradesh, India offers complete website design services with cost effective web solutions. Our service include website design, web page design, SEO friendly website design, flash web design, flash intro, flash animation, static website design as well as dynamic website design services. We also offer a wide range of custom web design services with custom web solutions for website redesign, website maintenance, corporate web design, business web design, portal design, web navigation, w3C validated website design and CD flash presentation by top notch web designers.

The BITS team of creative web designers, web consultants, content writers, website programmers, website coordinators and marketing work together to show case your online businesses effectively. Our company has gathered mastery in providing reliable and outstanding results for your websites. We make use of our custom web solutions which facilitate us to stand out from typical web design companies. We have built a marvelous reputation for creating eye catching website designs with positive returns on your investments. Years of our professional experience in web designing helps us to provide successful web design solutions.

The purpose of web design is to deliver your services, your products and other information to the end users on the internet. The purpose of web design is to facilitate communication between your services and the targeted users. Designing a website compassionately in the way the user actually use may yield better results. Also, it will be better if your theme, design, layout, information and functionality of your website are focused deliberately on the main page itself.

Business Web Design

Bharat Information Technology Services in India specialize in crafting user friendly websites and SEO friendly websites for all the business organizations whether big, medium or small. We incorporate up to date web design technologies and custom made web design techniques with a view to provide superior quality web solutions. We gathered the most valuable experience of working with domestic as well as international clients by providing them with cutting edge web solutions.

SEO Web Design - for Effective Search Engine Optimization

Search engine play a vital role in internet marketing. Search engines are the primary marketing tools in this current business trend. The real success for your business and for your website lies in being search engine friendly. Nearly 90-95 percent of online transactions are succeeded by means of some top search engines only. The success or failure of a business completely relies on the website design. The more search engine friendly web design, the more leads to your business.

Dynamic Web Design

As a leading Web Design Company in India, BITS specializes in designing database driven websites, e-commerce website and content management systems. Our team can deliver custom made e-commerce solutions, content management solutions in designing your desired websites. Hence, we assure that going for a dynamic website design will not affect your search engine rankings. Day by day changing search engine algorithms have learned how to navigate a dynamic website. Hence, both the Static website and Dynamic website are same in search engine’s point of view.

Flash Web Design

Our Web Design team in India offers flash web design, flash intro design, flash panel design and flash animation design services for effective online promotion of your business website. A well organized flash web design can serve as the most clear, efficient and cost effective means to communicate with your target audience.

Designing a website without a marketing strategy is almost guaranteed to be less effective — thereby raising your overall advertising costs and wasting time.

Our site planning and design methodology will take you beyond generic cookie-cutter plans, sets of recommendations and assumptions. Your website is about your company and your goals. With us on your team, you'll get a broader perspective. We'll work with you to develop a focus for your online advertising and promotion based on what your company needs -- now and in the future.

The BITS web design team can not only design your website, but we can help in planning, develop it to incorporate Internet marketing strategies of your choice, give our best recommendations in accord with your company's goals, build it to be search-engine friendly and easy to use — and assist with logo and graphic design and writing ad copy, test it, launch it and put it in the search engines — and explain what we're doing in plain English.

Your custom website design must represent you well while appealing effectively to your customers, can be built from the ground up to rank highly in search engines to increase your exposure and attract interested potential customers to your website. In addition, we focus on these aims:

  1. professional appearance that represents your company well
  2. specifically targeted to your customers
  3. unconfusing and easy to use
  4. designed to "brand" your company and to make people remember it
  5. images and text created to present well and to sell
  6. contains the information needed in order to achieve your goals
  7. logically organized to enable people to find what they're looking for
  8. downloads fast and is built for ease of future expansion
  9. has the features — forms, shopping carts, databases as needed
  10. uses built-in techniques designed for high search engine rankings to increase your exposure and attract interested potential customers
  11. will be tested in multiple browsers and monitor resolutions
  12. will be built using Web Stardards to enable people visiting on cell phones and other hand-held devices to surf your site well

We have hit some real home runs for our clients, and work to maintain long-term relationships. We'll work with you to ensure that you get precisely what you need, and we'll be on time and on budget.

In short, you'll get as much, or as little, of the full range of elements needed to make your website a success. Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation and quote.

Website Hosting

website_hostingWhen it's time to put your website on the Internet, you'll need a web hosting account — an account with a type of computer specially connected to the Internet where people can reach your website, that affords you email addresses and other features necessary to running your website. This means finding a good web host, because all web hosting is not equal. We at BITS help your website to perform at its best and retain your website visitors.

If you've ever visited a website that downloaded s-l-o-w-l-y, you know that there's a direct ratio between slowness and speed of losing visitors — people may think there's something wrong with your website or even your company, when the fault is really with your web host.

Of course, a website that is "down" (unreachable) loses all visitors while it is unavailable. Speed and reliability affect customer satisfaction — and whether they'll stay long enough to hear your message.

We offer speedy, reliable web hosting in a friendly environment. We've chosen Linux-based servers (computers), as these offer capabilities that we find superior in terms of serving web pages to people and to search engines.

We can host your website on our servers or place you with a recommended web hosting company. We'll help you select the web hosting plan that is right for you with the full range of services you need for your website, from low volume websites through high-traffic e-commerce sites.

Can't move your website yourself? Not a problem — we can arrange to move your website for you. We'll take care of all of the details, so that everything is ready to go when your website is ready to go live.

Website Updation & Maintainance

Think your website may need a tuneup? Not performing as well as you like? Maybe it's time to find out…

Website maintenance is sometimes needed once your website is up and running. As needed, we can take care of the maintenance for you — making changes and ensuring that your website is up, running, and fully functional. As part of your website maintenance, we can conduct periodic reviews of your website to determine whether any changes are indicated. We'll study your website's visitor traffic, which can reveal very useful information about visitor patterns and interests. For instance, if visitors are searching for specific products or services that are not featured on your website pages, we can suggest that they be added to your website. Or, if your website logs reveal that people are searching for information but leaving on the same pages, we'll review those pages to determine why this is occurring and whether changes might be needed. As an additional marketing tool, we can also implement a quick online survey to question your visitors directly, and propose additions or updates as needed. This is a relatively inexpensive method of finding out whether your website is serving your customers' needs.

In short, we can help to keep your website from becoming stale or dated, and keep up with consumer interest and trends in the Web marketplace. We aim at Website Update & Maintenance Services while keeping your website visitors in the know!

Keeping your website updated can be a hassle if you're busy doing other things or don't want to maintain it yourself. But when your company's information changes, it's important to update your website so that it is not unattended and out of date. We can help. Updating your website in a timely fashion will let your website visitors know what's happening today — and can contribute to your bottom line. Among other things, website updates are excellent for:

  • Offering new products or services
  • Adding functionality to your website (blogs, e-commerce, etc.)
  • Announcing upcoming and past events
  • Newsletters
  • Updating out-of-date information
  • Customer questions better answered on the website than by phone or email
  • Additional informational steps in the read-to-purchase cycle
  • Effective graphical illustrations of your products and services
  • Recoding slow-to-download sites; updating code
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