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Thursday, 28 May 2020

IT Networking Solutions

computer_network2BITS provides its customers with the best of computer networking services. We have a well-qualified and highly experienced team who ensure that our customers spend as per their requirements, all the time keeping the future requirements in mind as well. Economical as well as quality networking solutions are what set us apart from our competitiors...

Video Conferencing Solutions

We Provide video conferencing solutions for all your needs irrespective of whether you are a corporate entity or an indivizual trying to talk to friends. Video conferencing solutions provide the unique advantage of time saving combined with cost reduction giving great uplift to your organisation's profit statements.

Network Consultancy

BITS is proud to be an experienced provider for the IT service management system that provides outsourced IT services to all business sizes. Our services are the most comprehensive, complete, and a total IT service package that gives the most elevated level of IT service for a fixed, predictable monthly cost.

To achieve this end, we provide you with proper network consultancy so that you do not end up burning your pocket for things you don't require in your network implementation.

The development of a technology plan is important in achieving your long-term business goals. An effective technology plan will document the details of what these goals are, how technology can help you accomplish these long-term business goals, and documentation of the costs in reaching these specified goals. You will feel confident that you are spending wisely and setting the necessary pieces in place for the implementation of these goals in the future.

  • See Business Solutions
  • Documentation Services
  • Evaluate and document overall network performance
  • Detailed network documentation specifying asset inventory, WAN/LAN
  • Diagrams and configuration information (i.e. router, firewall and switch configurations, server and workstation configurations, application configuration information such as virus, backup, email, database)
  • Identify and document areas for improvement as well as strong points of the network infrastructure
  • Cite recommendations for improvement of problem areas
  • Assess internal and external network security
  • IT Infrastructure Planning & Implementation

For the sake of IT infrastructure development, we provide all of the following to our clients:

  • Complete support services at a fixed monthly cost
  • One Phone Call for all your technology needs
  • Comprehensive management and support for IT infrastructure
  • Security and Anti-virus solutions
  • Backups, business continuity and rapid recovery
  • Service level agreements for prioritizing response times
  • Remote management of servers, network, workstations
  • Improved system security and access controls
  • Scheduled management reviews to link business and IT support
  • Cost/benefit analysis of infrastructure options
  • Scheduled on-site or off-site time to perform maintenance and to support users
  • Software tools for visibility on work and for managing work priorities
  • Software that tracks end-user satisfaction and quality of work

Network Implementation & Maintainance

network_01Even the best hardware and software is of little value if it is not installed and configured properly. Knowing the correct settings for today's advanced server applications is simply a matter of experience. The ramifications of an incorrectly installed network or software program can result in costly budget overruns and operational downtime. BITS has years of experience and a diversified team upon which to draw, so you can rest assured that your network will be more then just "working", but also configured for maximum security and optimized for peak performance.

No matter what the Network problem is, BITS will efficiently trouble-shoot your network problems. We solve problems in hours that other techs have been unable to solve in days. Some of the common issues we regularly solve:

  • "Slow" networking performance
  • Non-functioning or "not-starting" Servers
  • Malfunctioning firewalls and routers
  • Faulty and/or poor data cabling
  • Troublesome workstations that are "unable to logon"
  • Incorrect IP routing and DNS resolution issues
  • Data Recovery and Restore problems

After identifying and isolating the problem(s) we will quickly remedy the problem and return your network to smooth operation even if we have to work at night or on the weekend.

Network Security

  • Internet security and monitoring (firewall and web filtering)
  • Implementation of Network Topology & IP Infrastructure Engineering
  • Router, Switch and Firewall trouble-shooting including Cisco Products


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